Get Involved

The Knox County Democratic Party focuses on electing Democratic candidates who will increase the quality of life for Knox County residents and support Democratic principles.  The KCDP is continually strengthening its Democratic base in Knox County by training volunteers, educating the public, promoting voter registration, and recruiting Democratic candidates.  The KCDP provides support, guidance, and office space for Democratic candidates running for office in addition to keeping an open dialogue with legislators to implement change in our area.

The KCDP also needs you!  Your energy, your ideas, and your vision are what will strengthen the KCDP into a leading force in east Tennessee.  Anyone who shares our Democratic ideals is welcome to attend any of our events or become a volunteer to further the cause.

Join us and reach out to voters.  Speak out on issues you are passionate about.  Build camaraderie with fellow Democrats in your neighborhood.  Volunteer for candidates by calling voters and knocking on doors.  Join us and be part of the solution.  The political process is only successful when we get involved and take action.

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