Tents not jail!

This is not charity, it is a protest. Please bring signs to stand with the growing group of citizens nationwide who need shelter.

BUT organizers deal with logistics commonly at protest. We move food, bring people, bring water--there is no reason that we as activist, organizers and protestors cannot also help meet some of the logistical needs of our sisters and brothers on the streets.

And we are in their home, their community--under that bridge, so lets do the polite appalachian thing and not show up empty handed.

Please volunteer to bring.

1. Table--one that can hold weight.

2. Coffee in dispenser. And some cups.

3. Tea in dispenser. And some cups.

4. FRIED CHICKEN. The vegan typing this feels mixed feelings about this request but allot of folks got excited and thought we were bringing fried chicken when a box with biscuits from a chain joint showed up that commonly serves chicken. But it caused some excitement and I was specifically told bring fried chicken.
5. Spoons, Forks--plastic ok for now.

6. Signs, we need more signs for folks to hold. That stretch of broadway is PERFECT for floating a sidewalk sign.

7. Hand wash station.

8. 2 plastic garbage bins and bags. I would like to take some time and pick up the loose trash in the area. Its one of the rationals the city uses to hassle them. TRASH PICK UP.

9. A bunch of those small hand sanitizers

10. And finally tents--good sleeping bags and tarps. Camp chairs are on this list as well.

BUT MAINLY THIS IS A PROTEST if nothing else come and bring a sign. Our city should not be using our tax dollars to cut the trees around the prior homeless camps driving them to the streets, then taking their tents and gear when they are forced to public property in the winter, before Christmas.

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January 27, 2018 at 12:00pm - 2pm
Broadway Ave
Broadway Ave
Knoxville, TN 37917
United States
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