Report Back from Truman Day


KCDP Truman Day events were a rousing success as all enjoyed the speeches, presentations, great crowd, decorations, and videos.  Mayor Madeline Rogero was MC and U. S. Representative Steve Cohen from Memphis the featured speaker.  Representatives Joe Armstrong and Gloria Johnson brought messages and, past TNDP Chair, Chip Forrester made introductions of other dignitaries.

“Steve Cohen described events just as they are happening.  It was like he was seeing it through our eyes or we’re seeing it through his.  He affirmed the seriousness of this effort to halt the budget in hostage.  It’s all about politics and nothing about policy,“  said, Doug Veum, former vice Chairman of the Knox County Democratic Party.

Cameron Brooks, Vice chair of the Party, reported there were 350 in attendance this year, 150 more people than last year’s successful event.

A highlight of the event was the presentation of the 2013 Truman Day Champions Award to Harold and Sylvia Woods for recognition of their decades of service in improving the lives of working people in the state of Tennessee.  They were most appreciative of the acknowledgement and both addressed the group with thanks.

Chair Linda Haney, chair of the party, thanked all in attendance and particularly acknowledged the hard work of the Truman day committee, who organized the event.

Pictures from the event can be found HERE.


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