Report Back from April's District One Meeting

District 1 'Central City' Democrats held its April meeting (first Monday in each month) at Burlington Library on Asheville Highway on Monday, April 7.  Members and guests heard from four more of our excellent Democratic candidates, who did a great job explaining how their backgrounds and work history qualified them to run for the offices they seek.

10151137_716417858381443_1757684287560138158_n_(1).jpgJim Berrier, Candidate for Trustee, Addresses First District


Knox County  School Board candidate Marshall Walker, County Trustee candidate Jim Berrier, KC Circuit Court, Div. 4 candidate Daniel Kidd, and TNDP Executive Committee candidate Cameron Brooks addressed the group.   Some were challenged with 'devil's advocate' questions by a member with work experience in their field of work, and all further explained why they seek to make positive changes in these offices.  Thanks to all who assisted with refreshments and setting up this meeting.  District 1 still has more Candidates to invite to the May meeting which is shortly before the May Democratic Primary.    Note:  One of our members was so impressed with candidates who spoke at our March meeting that he brought donations to give two of them!  Please plan to attend our May 6th meeting to learn about more of our super qualified Democrats who are running for office...locally and State-wide!

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