March 1st Democratic Presidential Primary

Happy New Year! 2016 most certainly will be an exciting year as we will be electing a new Democratic President in November.  Who that Democrat will be will in part be decided during the March 1st SEC primary, when southern state voters including Tennessee will go vote their preference on the Democratic nominee.

Here locally the Clinton and Sanders campaign have been actively organizing and working to promote their respective candidates.  I wanted to share with you two opportunities for you to get involved with the campaign of your choice this week.

(In alphabetical order)-

The Clinton campaign for President will be having an organizing meeting this Thursday, January 7th from 6- 8 pm at Blue Coast Bar and Grill, located at 37 Market Square.  A newly hired Clinton campaign staffer will be in attendance to discuss what supporters can do leading up to March 1st.  For more information and to to rsvp, click HERE.  You can also connect with the Clinton campaign locally by emailing [email protected] .

The Sanders campaign for President will be having their weekly organizing meeting this Wednesday, January 6th at 5:30 pm at Union Jacks on Northshore.  The campaign will be making plans for March 1st, in addition to giving out free yard signs and bumperstickers.  For more information and to rsvp, click HERE.   Additionally, you can connect with the Sanders campaign locally by emailing Amanda Kruel at [email protected] .

I hope you have a great week and start to 2016! 

In Solidarity, 

Cameron Brooks
Chair, Knox County Democratic Party

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