Getting Involved in the Age of Trump

It has been said that crisis leads to opportunity, and with the election of President Trump we are seeing an outpouring of interest from many people who want to get involved to work for progressive change.

The Knox County Democratic party is less then 2 months away from its Bi-Annual reorganization Convention, which will occur on Saturday, March 25th.  Details are still being worked on for the convention.   At this Convention new officers will be elected. So during this period the current KCDP officers are busy getting the convention organized and keeping the party moving forward to handover to a new set of leaders. The information on the convention will be released soon.

Until then here are several action items you can do to get involved and join with other Democrats to make the changes and strengthen the Knox County Democratic Party.  Check out the list below:

1)    Attend your local Democratic District meetings. Dates and locations can be found on our website at 

2)    Attend Countywide Democratic Party Meeting(Board of Governors each month and County Assembly every 3rd month) meets on the Second Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm at the KCDP headquarters, located at 311 Morgan Street.  Contact your district reps on the board (which can be found on the monthly meeting page above) for how to get involved in your district.

3)  Go to and join the Rapid Response Team. The TNDP has launched a rapid response team to hold Trump and his Republican Party accountable both nationally and here in Tennessee.

4)Contribute to the Knox County Democratic Party.  To keep moving forward we need the funds to keep our headquarters open and operating.  You can do so through our website or mail contributions to KCDP, 311 Morgan St, 37917.

5) Help the party to find and recruit Candidates to run for partisan office.  

6) Contact your representatives : They work for us so let them know your opinions.  Below are our state and federally elected officials.


Rep. Jimmy Duncan


Sen. Lamar Alexander


Senator Bob Corker


Sen Richard Briggs [email protected] (615) 741-1766


Sen. Becky Duncan-Massey [email protected]


District 13 *Eddie Smith *615/741-2031, 865/661-5613 [email protected]


District 14 *Jason Zachary *615/741-2264, 865/583-0704 [email protected]


District 15 *Rick Staples : [email protected]


District 16 *Bill Dunn *615/741-1721, 865/687-4904 [email protected]


District 18 *Martin Daniel *615/741-2287, 865/583-3899 [email protected]


District 19 *Harry Brooks *615/741-6879, 865/687-5987 [email protected]


District 89 *Roger Kane *615/741-4110, 865/405-5103 [email protected]


You can also go to to contact your Senators.  This site provides scripts for you to use.

In solidarity,

Cameron Brooks and Linda Haney
Chair and Vice Chair, Knox County Democratic Party

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