Get out the Vote!


2014 Federal & State General Election

Early Voting starts this Wed October 15th 2014!

Voting is a right that we need to cherish and exercise. Please do not fall for the lies about how your vote does not count or why bother because we cannot win as Democrats.

That is simply not true. If we get out our Democratic vote we can win. That means every Democrat has to get up and go to vote. No excuses.  You need to take other Democrats with you.  You have from Oct 15th to Oct. 30th to early vote.  Click here for information on early voting in Knox County.

Early voting gives you so many more options than waiting for election day.

But you can still vote on Election Day November 4th.

I will tell you that the other side counts on Democrats not voting.  Our Democratic Candidates need your support.

State House District 13:  Vote for Rep. Gloria Johnson

State House 15th District:  Vote for Rep. Joe Armstrong

State Senate 7th District:  Vote for Cheri Siler

US Senate: Vote for Gordon Ball

US House:  Vote for Bob Scott 

Thank you for all you do!

Linda Haney
Chairperson, Knox County Democratic Party

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