Ward/ Precinct Leaders

2018 Ward/ Precinct Leaders

District 1
Precinct Name Email
6 Jeffery Scott Helms scott@scotthelms.com
6 Stephanie Hall stephall53@gmail.com
6 Paul Witt paulrwitt@gmail.com
9 Peggy Myers Carter Peggy612197@att.net
12 S.Diane Jordan djordan325@aol.com
12 Dewey Roberts Jr drobertsii@yahoo.com
12 David Gillette dgillette33@gmail.com
13 Vendetta Sallie aquarius0911@yahoo.com
13 Rachel Carvell rachelcarvell@gmail.com
13 Alisa Hall  
15 Rebecca Loy loy.rebecca@gmail.com
15 Joe Woods kingjedi@yahoo.com
15 Terry Shaw & Beth Coleman tshaw05@comcast.net
19E Pam Coffin pcoffin45@gmail.com
30 Paul Armstrong bowler26@bellsouth.net
30 Anne Jones ajones2530@hotmail.com
30 Karen Ray kray1401@att.net
31 Lydia Pulsipher lpulsiph@gmail.com
31 Nancy Mele nmele19@gmail.com
31 Sandra Korbelik& Richard Nelson nelkorb@bellsouth.net
32 Rebecca Saldivar rebeccakingsaldivar@gmail.com
32 Larry Hill lar.hill@gmail.com
50N Susan Howell susan.howell03@gmail.com
50N Greg Howell  
District 2
Precinct Name Email
11 Theresa Schroeder tmschroeder14@gmail.com
16 Mary Rhodes jazzliveson@gmail.com
16 Michael Davis gmdavis6@gmail.com
16 Tony Brown dribm2009@gmail.com
34 M. Kathy Manning kmanning@pobox.com
34 Jim Jennings  
34 Margie Floyd emails4nana@gmail.com
36 Don Loy dlloy@comcast.net
36 Sarah Elizabeth Rowland s.elizabeth.rowland@gmail.com
36 Anne Loy anneloy@comcast.net
37 Nancy Stinnette  
74 Anthony Banda tonybanda@comcast.net
District 3
Precinct Name Email
45 Arrison Kirby arrisonkirby@gmail.com
45 Elizabeth Borromeo zjq596@vols.utk.edu
55 Anne Caver anne.caver@yahoo.com
67 Deb Holly debholly15@gmail.com
68 Vivian Shipe doctorshipe@yahoo.com
68-E Cody Biggs cbiggs7@gmail.com
68-E Isaac Sherman isaac.b.sherman@gmail.com
District 4
Precinct Name Email
24Q Christie Peace cepeace@gmail.com
24Q Lorraine Hart lowrainhart@aol.com
24Q Martin McCLean mcclean1605@gmail.com
46 Jeff Larson jeff.t.larson@gmail.com
47 Seth Smith ssmith765@hotmail.com
47 Jonathan Webster jon.webster.1985@gamil.com
47 Nancy Stewart nancys@knology.net
48 Rosina Guerra rosinag@earthlink.com
49 Amy Hathaway amymhathaway@gmail.com
49 Maria Hurt mariachurt@gmail.com
51 Anthony Palmer aplalme90@gmail.com
51 Delaney Scott a.delaneyscott@gmail.com
69-S Chester Hunt chunt51@comcast.net
71 William Myers myers27@gmail.com
71 Carol Pastor cpastor610@gmail.com
71 Betsy Herndon herndonbetsy@yahoo.com
District 5
Precinct Name Email
65-E Marcia Power  
65-E Kim Spoon  
65-W Mali Glazer in2sewing@gmail.com
65-W Kathy Spoon kathyspoon@gmail.com
66-N Linda Lawson 2020lindalawson@gmail.com
66-N Leo Sanchez swannisland@aol.com
66-S Charles Chandler chandlercv@yahoo.com
69-N Mark Robinson mark0779@gmail.com
69-N Rachel Phelps rachelcassphelps@gmail.com
69-N Laura Duckett lcduckett@comcast.net
69-W Lala Smith lalasmith4@gmail.com
District 6
Precinct Name Email
40 Victoria Raschke vraschke@gmail.com
62 Marianne May ekker1000@comcast.net
62 Ken Williams jackken2@msn.com
63 Frank Schingle fesup@bellsouth.net
63 Roberta Barnhill-Steele bobbieru@aol.com
63-N Kathy Gethers gethersk12@comcast.net
64 David Stults dastults@gmail.com
64 Cheryl Oliver cheryl.m.oliver@gmail.com
70-E Bryan Goldberg bryan.goldberg@us.belfor.com
70-E Adrienne Goldberg  
70-W Ryan Smith rdocksmith@gmail.com
70-W Clay Mulford claymulford@gmail.com
District 7
Precinct Name Email
58-N Dan Haney bdl66@comcast.net
58-N Dan Haney llinc@comcast.net
58-S Kathy McGinnis-Craft ksm216@aol.com
59 David Holden davidfholden@gmail.com
59 David Holden maryjo.holden@gmail.com
61 Robert Wilson  
61 Beverly Wilson  
72 Bert Benedict kbenedict08@comcast.net
73 Susan Jennings susandjennings@gmail.com
73 Ron Blackburn ronblackburn777@yahoo.com
District 8
Precinct Name Email
57 Lida Mayer  
57 John Mott  
60 Patricia(Trish)Catron p_catron@yahoo.com
60 Patricia Hooper cattailvallye@aol.com
76 Suzanne Dismukes suzisgroove@gmail.com
81 Jane Dills janiedills3@gmail.com
82 Eddie Nelson enelso13@vols.utk.edu
84 Debbie Toney dtoney61601@gmail.com
District 9
Precinct Name Email
25 Wilma Cox wilmacox7637@att.net
25 Debbie Helsley dhelsley@cwa3805.org
25 Sylvia Woods sylviawoodsknox@aol.com
26 Theodore Williams theowilliams@yahoo.com
27 Kenneth Stephenson kensmath@gmail.com
29 S. Ryan McDaniel  
89 Jim Sessions sessions55@icloud.com
89 Ron Tucker rtucker0113@hotmail.com
89 Charles Mulligan chasfm@comcast.net
90 Suzanne Parker parkerwood32@yahoo.com
90 Nancy Lampe nancylampe1024@comcast.net
92 Matt Shears  

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    Truman Day 2019

    We would love for you to join the Knox County Democratic Party for our annual fundraiser and celebration of Democratic values on May 31st, 2019. Please come enjoy a sit-down dinner with your local Democrats. Come early and enjoy a cocktail hour during check-in, so you can meet and mingle with your blue neighbors. Doors open at 6pm. 

    Tickets are $65 until May 20th. After, tickets will be $70.

    Click here to order you ticket now!

    Proceeds from Truman Day go toward our ambitious 2019 fundraising goals, which we will use to support our candidates, protect our Democratic seats, and flip more of those seats in 2020!

    May 31, 2019 at 6:30pm
    The Foundry On the Fair Site
    747 World's Fair Park Dr
    Knoxville, TN 37902
    United States
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    $65.00 USD · 10 rsvps

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