2016 Democratic Candidates

House District 13

Gloria Johnson-  glostik@bellsouth.net ;  865-660-9800;  http://www.votegloriajohnson.com/

House District 15

Rick Staples-  teamrickstaples@gmail.com ; http://www.teamrickstaples.com

House District 18

Brandi Price-  bprice188@msn.com ;  865-340-6693 ; http://www.votebrandiprice.com/

House District 89

Heather Hensley-  heatherchensley@gmail.com ; 865-548-8984

US House District 2

Stuart Starr-  http://www.starr4congress.com/

US President 

Hillary Clinton-  https://www.hillaryclinton.com/





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